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The Great Zoe Kate Wait is Over!

She’s finally here!  Even though she was only 8 days past her due date, time passed by so slowly as we waited for her arrival.  There’s something beautiful about the actualization of something so longed for.  But waiting is so unnatural.

For those interested in some of the details of the past couple of days, we’d love to share them with you!  On Monday Sept 27, our midwife informed us that Zoe Kate was still making very little progress towards birth.  As we considered the possible risks on her health of continuing to wait, we decided to have her induced.  So after a sprint final packing session, we arrived at the hospital that night to be prepped.  Induction would start in the morning.  We were going to meet our daughter the next day…so we thought.

I (Kathryn) started with a low dosage of pitocin around 10am on Tuesday morning.  By 9pm that night, I had been mildly laboring for 11 hours, but she had still made very little progress.  We were discouraged, tired, hungry, and of course disappointed that she wasn’t here yet.  We kept reminding ourselves of something that our hearts were stubborn to believe, that God was looking after her with all of the details, including that day.  I went off of the pitocin, ate a happy meal (and not the kind from McDonalds…I was just so elated to be eating), got some sleeping drugs and we both slept off the frustrations and anticipations of the day.  Round 2 would start in the morning.

Wednesday morning began with the pitocin again.  This time, ZK  reacted to it!  While the pain increased, so did our excitement.  Around noon, our midwife even felt comfortable breaking my water.  Pain and exhaustion led us to decide for an epidural…God bless epidurals!  By 7:45 pm that night, it was time to push.  I had NO idea how difficult and trying this part would be.  I couldn’t have done it without Matt – he has been an amazing husband thru the entire pregnancy.  After almost 2 hours of pushing, our little wonder was born!

Here’s what we know about her so far: She gets hungry often, sleepy frequently, and poopy occasionally.  We also think she’s pretty darn cute.


Well, hello there…

Dear family, friends and anyone else who wants to know and see what the Howell’s are up to in Boone NC…

Welcome to our first blog post!  We are 2 weeks away from our first child’s entry into life, and what better way to commemorate the event: a blog.  We want to be able to share with you our miscellaneous adventures that we’ll have with Zoe Kathryn Howell (and then whatever else we find ourselves wanting to blog about…).  So, here’s a little preview of our daughter whom we’ve already fallen in love with.

Hope you enjoy the blog!