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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sometimes Zoe Kate and her Mom like to work the camera.  “Show me sheer bliss between mother and child.”

Other times – on rare occasions – they simply desire no photography.


Is this a problem?

Remember in Saved By the Bell, when the class learned about the “difficulties” of taking care of an infant by having to protect an egg for a week?  If that experiment proved anything, then Matt and I may be in trouble.  In May, we both decided to pick out our own plant to enjoy for the summer.  I chose a hanging, potted, flowering plant.  He chose a jalapeno plant.

Both plants show signs of struggle, and both have definite signs of defeat.  So…Matt and I aren’t the most nurturing plant parents.  So we don’t have a green thumb.  I’m ok with that.  I just hope we’re better human parents.  So far, we haven’t forgotten to feed Zoe Kate once.  AND we’re pretty decent at pruning (aka, clipping) her fingernails.  I’m encouraged by this.

Family Matters

Who misses Carl Winslow and Steve Urkel?  I kind of do.  Matt misses Harriette.  But mostly we miss our family these days.  It makes sense…

My dad willingly and joyfully remained “on-call” for the past month, ready to take vacation days from work to drive out here, hug his first granddaughter, and find a one-way flight back to Memphis.  Meanwhile, my mom sacrificed a week and a half of her day-to-day life to be here in Boone – cooking meals, cleaning up dog hair, keeping me company, changing diapers, and holding the Bug (aka, Zoe Kate) when she wouldn’t sleep.  My brother and sister-in-law show their obvious excitement for our daughter with their calls and emails.  I remember 17 months ago, when they told me they were pregnant with their first child, it hit me how sad I was to be so far away from their growing family.  Planes are a quick way to visit, but they’re not quick enough.  We miss you all.

Next week, Matt’s family comes to visit.  They, similarly, are making many sacrifices to see us, love on us, and meet Zoe Kate (including trekking 32-hours round-trip).  We miss seeing his sister’s 4-year-old twins grow up, too.  Texas: you are so big, but you don’t quite stretch to North Carolina.  Tom and Sarah: we are thrilled to introduce you to your newest granddaughter on Friday!

So, basically, this is what I’m saying: I will post a reward out there to anyone who comes up with an easier way to travel across the continent.  The reward will be HUGE.  We’ll even throw in some snuggle time with the Bug (she’s the best).

Week One…check!

For those of your jonesing to see more snapshots of little Zoe Kate, drink up!

Pops with ZK

Pege (pronounced Pee-Jee) with ZK

A Daddy’s Perspective

I can’t imagine being a woman.  Well, I guess I can.  But I’m not sure I want to.  My wife, Kathryn, went to hell and back, I believe, for this baby.  Allow me to recount the ways:

Pregnancy: Kathryn gives up coffee, soft cheeses, alcohol, deli meat, etc.  This is hard for a woman who drank coffee every morning, who loves Brie, who enjoys a nice drink, and who can throw down some Jimmy Johns.  And for nine months – all of it was sacrificed.  And to make things interesting, let’s throw in a perpetual sensation of sea-sickness, a growing belly making for awkward balancing acts, and aching extremities.  Oh and one more thing, let’s make it really hard to get comfortable and sleep.  For nine months.

Labor: My dear wife spent two solid days of being induced.  That means lots of cramps and contractions.  A full day of contractions is no joke.  After day one, Kathryn was tired, worn out, and not too interested in doing more.  But day two brought on the real contractions.  Grimacing, hee-hee-hee breathing, painfully real contractions.  For hours.  And then it’s time to push.  For two more hours.  It was during these two hours of excruciating details (that I will spare you), where she stepped up and got the job done.  The moment was intense – as Kathryn stared a billowing, ominous season of unbearable pain in the face and pressed onward with profound depths of courage and poise.  And then a human being came out of her.

Post-pardum: After all of the fireworks, Kathryn has more demanded of her.  She’s physically recovering.  She’s emotionally catching up.  And this new human is depending on her for dear life, literally sucking the life out of her.  And as her hormones gradually readjust (creating somewhat of a circus for all of us), she gets to enter back into her life again – where all of her old and familiar problems are waiting there for her.

I love my wife.  I am so proud of her.  I have more respect for her (and mommys across the world) now than I ever have.  She gave up so much (and continues to give) for the life of this little one.  She reminds me of Jesus.