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Bath time? Last chance to get dirty!

Let the following pictures tell the story…



Ups and Downs

Little bums…

Grippin thumbs…

Running for Re-election

Zoe Kate is running again for Clerk of Superior Court.  Now, it isn’t clarified in her sign, but you know from her slogan “Wherever, Whenever” or “Running for the Runs” that the Court she presumes to be Clerk over is the Superior Poopie Court.  She not only fills her quarters, but she goes above and beyond the borders with such affection, affecting with joy all who come near.  Experience: not a day goes by without some.  Honesty: she never hides what’s really going on.  Integrity: she consistent.  Vote Zoe Kate for Clerk of Superior Poopie Court.  She’s full of it.

Humble Pie/Torte

A couple of years ago, my good friend Dorothy gave me a subscription to Cooks Illustrated online.  It’s an online cookbook…but so much more.  For those of you who are familiar with the outfit, you know it reads more like a scientific journal than Southern Living.  Its meticulous instructions sometimes seem unnecessary, but then beauty occurs.  Let me give you an example.  One time I was making the crust for a raspberry torte.  The recipe said I should mix my ingredients in a food processor for 16 seconds.  No more.  No less.  Matt and I mocked the seeming arrogance of the instructions, but when we witnessed the dough form at exactly 16 seconds, we became believers.  These instructions were trustworthy and true.

In my first 6 weeks of parenting, I realize how often I presume that this human of ours is like the raw ingredients of that crust.  I believe with all of my heart that she should be able to sleep on regular cycles, be hungry every 3 hours (on the dot), and never cry.  If I cradle her with the “right” formula, then after exactly 16 seconds, she’ll be a perfect baby.  And I’ll be able to resume the life I used to have – but now with a Gerber baby who makes everyone jealous with her precision of schedule.

I KNOW these things aren’t true…for other babies.  So why do I put so much pressure on both her and myself?  I myself am a constant work in progress.  I’m not predictable and I’m definitely not perfect.  I am finding myself in daily need of reminders that Zoe Kate isn’t either.  What’s more…SHE’S A BABY.  I want God to change me.  I don’t want to make frazzled attempts to control her and mold her into my perfect vision of a torte crust.  Dang it, I have a lot to learn about loving, particularly loving this bug right here.

I Like to Move it, Move it

Throw yo hands up!

Shake it to the right, yall!

Get up, now!



Singing with Daddy / Frog Chair

For those of you who know Matt, you know he likes to sing/rap/make noise.  Here he is with Zoe Kate.  They are both making noise.

On another note, I realized today that in many of ZK’s pictures, she’s in what we call her “frog chair” (thank you, Helen, for this present that has offered us bits of sanity over the past 5 weeks!).  “Why is she so often in this chair?”  you ask.  Well, when ZK isn’t sleeping, sometimes Mom has to 1) get dressed, 2) eat, 3) do some laundry, 4) take Thena outside, 5) check her email (that counts as a necessity, right???).  So I place her in the only seat in the house where she consciously happy: the frog chair.  Thus, it’s virtually the only place I can get a picture of her when no one else is here.  Without further ado, here are a couple of more “frog chair pictures”.