Spring is (kind of) here!

Because I’m such a long-term planner (LTP, as Matt fondly – or not so fondly (depending on how far out I’m planning) refers to it as), I tend to jump the gun when it comes to seasons.  It got to the 50’s this week, and I got out some Spring outfits for Zoe Kate.  Some onlookers who witnessed our sleeveless shirts last week commented, “There’s still snow on the ground, and you think it’s Spring outside!”.  Why yes.  Yes I do.

As I’ve said earlier.  I just LOVE it when ZK’s lower lip quivers.  I will be the first to comment: yes, I grabbed the camera before I hugged her.  Sorry I’m not sorry – it’s a darn cute picture.

Just goofing around here…

This past weekend, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky (literally), so we took a family outing to Valle Crucis Park.  When I say “family outing,” I mean it – we even let Thena tag along.  It was a bit windy, but we stayed out there long enough to get a few pictures.

Below, Zoe Kate is wearing a sweet day gown that my grandmother, Mardy, sewed together for her daughters (Mom and Aunt Kaki).  We took tons of photos, but none of them really adequately display the fine details of the sewing.  I’m impressed.  I wish I could thank Mardy and show her this picture; she would love it.  Zoe Kate inherited her middle name (Kathryn) as well as her sparkling blue eyes.  We miss you, Mardy.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Millie on February 21, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Oh, I love these pictures! It’s so fun to see her with you and/or Matt. She really looks like a little person here – not so much like an infant anymore!


  2. I agree–I love seeing you hold her. She is so cute and I think she looks just like you, Kathryn!


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