Claiming Grace

Zoe Kate was baptized last week!  Actually, Matt – since he’s an ordained teaching elder in our denomination – was able to baptize her.  More on that later.  We both have such supportive and loving families; a slew of Drinkard’s and Howell’s descended upon Boone for the weekend to celebrate with us.

Below, Gagi and Papaw (Matt’s parents…whom I call Tom and Sarah) each play with Zoe Kate.  She has grown so much since the last time they had seen her that I know she was a sight for sore eyes.  They drove all of the way from Dallas, TX to be here.  Whenever they visit, they always bring caring smiles, helping hands, and my favorite drink (San Pellegrino Oranciata and Limonata…I have to ration them out b/c I straight guzzle them).

My parents were also able to drive here (from Memphis).  Below are Pops and Pege.  ZK has a new fascination with jewelry / she likes other people’s toys more than her own.

Zoe Kate is now in the land of the vertical (aka, she can sit up).  As you can see, she’s pretty proud of herself, as she should be.  Abs of steel don’t just create themselves.

Matt’s sister, Amy Doze, was also able to come to town (from Ft. Worth, TX).  She met Zoe Kate for the first time, so we had to catch the introduction on camera.  Amy and her husband Todd have 2 beautiful 4.5 year-old twins.  We were sad that the other 3 Doze’s weren’t able to make it.  We look forward to introducing our niece and nephew to Zoe Kate sometime soon.  She has a lot to learn from them (which are the cool stickers, how to potty in the toilet…things like this).

My brother and his wife (Don and Helen) also came into town from Memphis, bringing their adorable 1.5 year-old son, Dewey.  I’m in love with the kid.  Dewey and ZK are almost the same distance apart as Don and I were growing up.  If history is any indication, Dewey will be more laid-back and will have to put up with a little attitude…

…and he seems to be doing a pretty good job here.

On Sunday morning before the service, student and friend Liza Harvey agreed to take pictures of us and our family and guests.  Here’s a precious one of Dewey and his parents.

The nucleus.

Our families together (minus Todd, Sam and Lillie).

And Matt’s godparents (Julian and Carol Wilson), who have been an incredibly thoughtful and encouraging support to Matt throughout his life, were able to be here (from the Chatanooga, TN area).  As Matt’s wife, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their prayers for him for the past 30 years.  We were so glad they were here.

Since we didn’t have any baptism gowns in the family, my Mom decided to sharpen her sewing skills and make Zoe Kate’s dress.  While she was spending so much time with needle and thread, she also made Dewey an outfit with matching lace.  They looked wonderful, of course, and I loved the whole homemade-from-the-family scenario.  Even though I don’t care for the word very much, I can’t find a more appropriate one at the moment: special.  It was special.

Even though I’ve spilled a lot of ink discussing ZK’s dress and what-not, the picture below captures exactly why our families were in town.  I won’t write a baptism sermon here, but I do have a difficult time articulating why it was such a landmark occasion.  Since we believe that baptism is not about what we can promise but rather what God promises to His people, my favorite phrase I found describing the sacrament is “claiming grace”.  We joyfully claim grace for our sweet gift, Zoe Kate.

After the church service, we came back to our house for brunch, catered by my mom and Sarah.  As you can see below, it was delicious!  And afterwards, Mom and Sarah and Carol cleaned up.  They really made it easy for me – such a sweet treat.

More of Matt’s family were able to make it to the brunch from Johnson City, TN.  Below, Amy shares a moment with Uncle Sammy before he heads back home.

Matt, Sarah, Tom and Amy.

Dad, Dewey and Don.

Even though we were exhausted by the end of the weekend, we kind of got used to the chaos.  Zoe Kate especially got used to all of the affection.  Boone is no easy destination.  We feel blessed to have you all as family / in-laws.  Thank you for loving us and supporting us throughout, well, everything.  We love and miss you guys.


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  1. Posted by Gia on April 30, 2011 at 2:41 am

    I love how Zoe Kate looks like she’s in a constant state of surprise. It’s cute!


  2. Likes like an amazing occasion! Praise God!


  3. […] August, we also celebrated the beautiful privilege of Reid being baptized.  When ZK was baptized, we had a lot more space in our schedule to plan a bigger celebration.  My parents were able to […]


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