RUF Summer Conference 2011

We just returned from the beach on Sunday.  We were there for the RUF Summer Conference, where 800+ students from around the country come to this incredibly cheesey (there’s an airbrush picture of Jesus on the wall outside of the front office, and the main meeting room is called the Promised Land…need I say more) beach retreat center for a week of worship, solid teaching, and beach-time with their friends.

It was fun to be down there with some of our students (above), and I really enjoyed the time I got with the other wives of Campus Ministers.  We have so much in common…I wish I saw these women more often.  Being at the beach with a baby is VERY different than being at the beach without a baby.  Let’s just say I’m not as tan as you might presume.  Though I did get to read my book, Water For Elephants, outside of our little motel room during nap times.  Reading was a delicious treat, since I rarely make myself sit down and enjoy a good book.  I was thankful to have a new routine for the week.  Matt was the MC for the week.  He never ceases to amaze me with how gifted and fearless he is in front of a large group of people.

Thinking back on the week, I realized that Zoe Kate had a week of firsts:

She flew on a plane for the first time.  I was less nervous about flying with her than I was about the squinting looks of “don’t you dare bring that baby on my flight”.  She did great!  And we received zero hateful stares.  Success!

She also swam in a pool for the first time.  Right when her toes touched the water, she made a face as if to say, “it’s cold, it’s big…I don’t think this is a bath.”  But she quickly acclimated.  Success!

She put her toes in the ocean for the first time.  She didn’t really like it.  I’ll be honest, the sea is a bit wild for me, too.  Hopefully it will be a success another time.

She’s budding her first tooth!

She’s been eating solid foods for about 2 months now, and she tried carrots for the first time last week.  Now we have bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes and carrots.  She’s a much healthier eater than I am.

She mumbled something that SOUNDED like “Mama” while we were at the pool.  It’s what I heard, at least.

We had a great time in Florida with Zoe Kate and the students!  We’re also glad to be back in the land of cooler weather & no full-body sunscreen needs.  That stuff is nasty.


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