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City Mice Visit Country Mouse

In early June, two of my best friends from college – Maury and Jen – came for a visit.  They both live in Atlanta, now.  Actually, we all lived in Atlanta right after college.  It was such a tease.  The year after college is typically a “wake-up” year, reminding/teaching you of many things – one of which is that great friends are hard to find.  I got to skip that lesson that year when these girls followed me to Atlanta (kidding…).  Millie  and Lesley are 2 other best friends that moved to Atlanta that year.  I miss my daily life with all of them terribly…which is why M & J’s visit to Boone was so wonderful!

There were a few moments during the weekend where we would notice a “city mouse/country mouse” type of dynamic.  They reminded me that we live in a serenely beautiful place (yes – I forget sometimes).  We enjoyed long breakfasts, a picnic with live bluegrass in Valle Crucis Park, slow walks on some of Boone’s walking trails, a visit to the Farmer’s Market, and other country-mouse locales.  Have I mentioned that I love to laugh?  These girls make me laugh.  Really hard.  But they also know how to explore some of the deepest, hidden and sacred parts of their hearts and mine.  I hope we mice will always find ways to visit one another, often.  Ok, I’m killing the mouse analogy.

Maury (left) and Jen (right)

And Charlie came too!  Maury had Charlie just 3 weeks before I had Zoe Kate.  We went through the joyous and often preposterous happenings of pregnancy together last year, and it’s wonderful being able to share this experience, as well.  Charlie and ZK had a lot of fun together.  I’m pretty sure Zoe Kate got her first kiss (forced by Mom?  naaaaaaaaaahhh).



After 12 days on the road, we are now back in Boone!  Our little munchkin has now breathed the air of Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas.  Our journey first took us to Pickwick Lake for a long weekend, then Memphis, then Dallas, and then back to Memphis, and then back to Boone.  We learned a few things from this 40 hour road trip:

1.  When you make a packing list, don’t forget to list your camera.  What’s on the list goes into the car – and nothing else.  Sorry fans – we have no pictures from our trip to share with you at the moment (grandmothers…can you send me some digital copies?  awesome).

2.  Audio books will save your marriage and your sanity.

3.  Zoe Kate hates audio books.

4.  Zoe Kate has Bieber Fever.  Whenever she would cry in her car-seat, we would crank up some Bieber.  She would get this “twilight zone” look in her eyes and then fall right to sleep.  We’ve created a monster.

5.  It’s really hot outside when you go off of “the mountain” (we knew this…we just forgot).

6.  We wish we lived closer to family (we also already knew this, but we had such a great time and wish these visits were more frequent).  I also wish we lived closer to my extended family.  We were with my aunt, uncle, cousins and 2nd cousins at the lake.  They’re wonderful people.  I wish I could spend more time with them.

7.  Being thrown-up on by your child isn’t all that bad….yet, at least.

8.  Some iphone apps – while seemingly dorky – are addictive.  That’s a confession.

9.  Sleeping with Zoe Kate wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  It was kind of sweet, actually.  I didn’t roll on top of her.  Success!

10.  Being away from Zoe Kate for 28 hours was a super healthy move.  Matt and I had a blast (while his parents so graciously watched ZK).

So, even though I don’t have pictures to share, I hope this list gives you a pretty good visual of our RoadTrip2k11.  Thanks for the memories.

Ok.  I have to post at least one picture.  But it’s from today.  I just love her.

This Used to be My Playground

I go walking at this park here close to my house all of the time, now that it’s nice outside.  When I was pregnant, Matt and I used to look at the playground in the middle of the park fondly, thinking, “Zoe Kate will play there someday.”  She’s now a passive playground player, but she’s a passionate player.  My friend Laura and I tried out our babies on the swings the other day, and they LOVED them!  It’s strange to think of how daring and risky and wild she may have felt, but it makes sense; it’s the wildest thing she’s done so far!