City Mice Visit Country Mouse

In early June, two of my best friends from college – Maury and Jen – came for a visit.  They both live in Atlanta, now.  Actually, we all lived in Atlanta right after college.  It was such a tease.  The year after college is typically a “wake-up” year, reminding/teaching you of many things – one of which is that great friends are hard to find.  I got to skip that lesson that year when these girls followed me to Atlanta (kidding…).  Millie  and Lesley are 2 other best friends that moved to Atlanta that year.  I miss my daily life with all of them terribly…which is why M & J’s visit to Boone was so wonderful!

There were a few moments during the weekend where we would notice a “city mouse/country mouse” type of dynamic.  They reminded me that we live in a serenely beautiful place (yes – I forget sometimes).  We enjoyed long breakfasts, a picnic with live bluegrass in Valle Crucis Park, slow walks on some of Boone’s walking trails, a visit to the Farmer’s Market, and other country-mouse locales.  Have I mentioned that I love to laugh?  These girls make me laugh.  Really hard.  But they also know how to explore some of the deepest, hidden and sacred parts of their hearts and mine.  I hope we mice will always find ways to visit one another, often.  Ok, I’m killing the mouse analogy.

Maury (left) and Jen (right)

And Charlie came too!  Maury had Charlie just 3 weeks before I had Zoe Kate.  We went through the joyous and often preposterous happenings of pregnancy together last year, and it’s wonderful being able to share this experience, as well.  Charlie and ZK had a lot of fun together.  I’m pretty sure Zoe Kate got her first kiss (forced by Mom?  naaaaaaaaaahhh).


2 responses to this post.

  1. Precious! I love and miss you guys! You all make really cute babies.


  2. Posted by Gia on July 15, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    I just love that last picture of Charlie and Zoe Kate together. So cute!


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