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New York State of Mind

Of all of the songs about New York, I’m not sure if one of them can describe my recent time there.  City that never sleeps?  No.  Cruise’n down 8th street, off-white Lexus?  Not exactly.  Don’t care if it’s Chinatown or on Riverside?  Close.  But did I blast Jay-Z and Alicia all over my g-ride the week before I bounced?  You bet I did.  I love New York.

Every 4th of July, my best friends from high school and I get together for a reunion of sorts.  I always look forward to Melissa behaving a bit like Elaine Benes, Lesley telling us of her latest art projects and the characters that she meets thru them, Mary bantering with her quick wit and wonderfully undying sarcasm, Amanda making clerical errors that rarely disappoint but always entertain, Emily catching even the smallest bit of humor and cracking me up, and Dorothy inviting us into goofy situations and conversations.  Unfortunately, Emily and Dorothy couldn’t make it this year.  But the other 5 of us were able to take on the Big Apple.  And by “take on,” I mean, walk around in.  It was awesome.

Each time we get together, we try to go where it makes the most sense.  We’ve been to most of our places of residence before, but we’ve never gathered as a group at Amanda’s apartment in Brooklyn.  When I hopped off the plan on Friday morning in my pink/orange Vera Bradley bag (I call it Loud Bag…and no, I don’t like VB that much, but it was free as a wedding present, and I don’t have another overnight bag…so there), I realized I should have used my hiking pack that I used in Europe.  I spent Friday afternoon on the Upper Westside with friend Sarah Lewis (she was an Emory student from my former RUF intern days).  So yes: I took the bus and the subway and walked a lot…with Loud Bag.  Bad idea jeans.  It was super uncomfortable, and I immediately looked like a tourist when I so badly wanted to fit in with the furniture.  Oh well.  Sarah and I had an excellent time catching up and walking around.

Then it was off to Brooklyn!  We spent the weekend going to brunch, Central Park, the MET, church at Redeemer, the Highline Park in the old meat-packing district, and dinners at 9pm (which is the craziest we got…9pm is LATE late late).  The goal for the weekend: catch-up with one another while seeing parts of Amanda’s world in the City.  As is our custom, our time together was at times funny, serious, playful, somber, tense, and yet always rich.  I treasure the times in life where I can let my guard down and be myself – and experience others doing the same with me.  I know how blessed I am to experience this kind of love.

Melissa and Mary

Me, Amanda and Lesley

Our 2 preggos - Lesley and Melissa

All in Central Park

Thank you, sweet Matt, for taking care of Zoe Kate all weekend.  And for not killing Thena Bear.



Today my child woke up at 4:30am.

Today my child spewed her food from her mouth, onto me.

Today I had to wash my child in the kitchen sink after lunch.

Today my child tried to eat our wall (base-boards, to be exact).

Today I want the mom or dad to come home and relieve me from my babysitting duties.


I love you, Zoe Kate.  But please sleep past 6am.  Mom won’t be so crabby, then 🙂