Summer Sizzler

Riddle: What do you get when you combine an active toddler with anything?

Answer: Very few blogs!  (If you guessed correctly, then you won one free night of babysitting Zoe Kate…hooray!)

I do apologize to you fervent fans of Painted Mountain out there, for not providing our updates as regular as your appetite desires.  Here’s what you’ve missed: I went to Knoxville to visit Lesley.  Matt went to Atlanta for RUF staff training.  We all three went to Charlotte, where Matt preached at our old church, Christ Central.  Matt’s parents came to visit.  We went to a wedding in Asheville.  That’s about it.  We have also logged in some QFT (that’s Quality Family Time), which has been awesome.

We did go hiking with ZK a few times.  It’s amazingly beautiful here in Appalachia in the summer, so we got ourselves outdoors to experience the wonder.  We also got ourselves outdoors so as to not be indoors (our house maintained a steady 85 degree temp for most of July).  We love you, Boone, just don’t get that hot again, ok?  Below, we went hiking with friend and former student Randy to Hunt Fish Falls.

As I mentioned above, Zoe Kate is now a mobile being.  You can see the progression in the chronological pictures below: first she pushed up with her hands…

Then she learned how to add her legs…

And she also likes to stroll around the house with some help…

I’ve been asking seasoned moms a lot more questions lately, namely, how do you get anything done?  We’re thinking about getting a playpen to make an enclosed play area/child jail??  I think she’s had enough Baby Einstein in her Exersaucer (I say with shame).

Now, here’s a smattering of pictures from the past month.  Do you think Zoe Kate looks like either me or Matt?  We don’t think so, but maybe you can see it.

Coming soon on Painted Mountain…

Zoe Kate and Thena bond.  Also, Pappaw and Gagi come to town!  And our RUF female intern Jennifer Wainscott has arrived in Boone!  Stay tuned…


3 responses to this post.

  1. she looks like Dwight! And Child Jail. hahahahaha.


  2. Posted by sarah corbin on August 27, 2011 at 5:22 am

    the picture of her eating the lens cap = matt. otherwise, neither of you. maybe i should see some baby pictures of the two of you first, though.

    and we totally did the child jail. go get those foam pads from sams (cheapest place to buy them) and put a gate up around it. no shame.


  3. Jen – Many people have separately commented that Zoe Kate looks like my Dad, so your perception seems to be in good company. Very interesting, eh?

    Sarah – We have the foam pads. Thanks for giving us confidence to purchase the jail. We haven’t done it yet, but we need to remedy the roaming child, stat!


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