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Happy Birthday, Zoe Kate!!

Happy Birthday, sweet daughter of mine…

It is difficult to believe that I was pregnant a year ago.  It feels more like 10 years ago.  Truly, college sometimes feels closer in time than pregnancy.  But a year ago today, I met my daughter – Zoe Kate.  I’ve heard it said before, but I’ll join the chorus: I don’t remember life without you.  It’s like you’ve always been a part of our family.  You had the cutest cry when you came into the world (it’s not so cute anymore, but that’s ok).  You also had a cone-head.  That changed, too.  You’ve learned so much, and we don’t even know about most of it.  We love your face when you try new foods.  We love that you clap at all of your accomplishments; we will always clap alongside of you.  You’re forming opinions about the world around you, and it’s a privilege to get a front-row seat to see you grow into the person God created you to be.  We love you so much, beautiful girl!












Since she’s our little bug, we had a pink and green ladybug party for her (I later found out how cliche ladybug parties are…but then again, I have never boasted about my creativity).  Some friends joined us at Valle Crucis Park to hang out, eat food, and watch an infant stuff herself with sugar for the first time.   She ate the cake like she was in the movie Footloose and allowed to dance.  It was a de-light!

As you can see above, my parents (Pege and Pops) were in town for the festivities.  They were so gracious to be on “grandparent duty” while Matt and I were free to be wherever during the party.  Dad introduced her to a playground ball (hope she catches on, Pops), and Mom escorted the wobbly walker around the pavilion.  While they were here, they also took us out to celebrate my 30th birthday.  I don’t care how old you are: birthdays with parents is just how it’s supposed to be.  Thanks for teaching me oh so many things through loving me so well these past 30 years!


Best Friends

Zoe Kate calls everything “dah” or “dadi!” (she usually screams that one).  You may guess that she is trying to say “Dad” and”Daddy!,” but we’re fairly certain this first word of hers is “Dog” and “Doggie!”.  Look at some of the documented evidence.  She loves Thena.

Ever since she was an infant, we’ve been wondering when her intelligence would surpass that of Thena.  If you ask me, I think they’re about neck-and-neck these days.  They both have “selective obedience,” so that’s a variable that’s difficult to measure.  Zoe Kate will soon climb the mountains of wisdom and knowledge and leave Thena in the dust, to continue indecently licking herself while she ponders where she will take her next afternoon nap.  But until then, they are best buds.

Gagi & Pappaw Come to Play!

About a month ago, Matt’s parents came to visit.  Zoe Kate LOVED playing with Gagi and Pappaw…and I’m pretty certain that Gagi and Pappaw loved playing with Zoe Kate.  It was such a treat to have extra feet here in Vilas; chasing ZK around the house is quite tiring (read: sore back).  We had a great time celebrating Sarah’s birthday and walking around town with ZK.  We even got to go to a wedding with them (sans baby) in Asheville that weekend!  Thanks, Gagi and Pappaw for being such great parents and grandparents!


Can I also mention a little detail about the beautiful wedding in Asheville?  A dear friend of Matt’s from high school and college, Rebecca, married Alan in this serene little mountain locale outside in the Appalachian mountains.  We had a great time seeing Matt’s old buddies from his yesteryears.  And then at the reception, the band started playing.  Chuck Folds, what are you doing on stage?  That’s right, Ben Fold’s lesser-known brother has a band in NC that books wedding gigs.  And these brothers definitely came from the same mother – they looked and kind of sounded alike!  Being the big Ben Folds fans that we are, we thoroughly enjoyed being just feet away from interlocking hands with a blood relative.  On the 2-hour drive home, we spent a good amount of time pondering what Thanksgiving looks like in the Folds family these days?  Or what Chuck’s counseling sessions look like?  (come on – you KNOW he has to deal with an inferiority complex!  He chased a music dream.  His brother chased a music dream.  He pleases wedding crowds with the Electric Slide.  His brother entertains thousands at each concert to his original, nationally known hits.).  I wish we were friends with Chuck.  To be able to boogie down with that kind of weight on his shoulders, he seems like a pretty cool guy.