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Kia-who? Kiawah!


Matt and I have the best parents.  Sarah and Tom (Matt’s parents) also came to town to give us another win-win-win weekend in mid-November.  Matt and I drove to Kiawah for one of my college friend, Ingrid’s, wedding.  It was a 6 hour drive, for which we were actually craving (we got the chance to ask the “who are you, again, spouse?” questions).  Matt and I hadn’t had focused time together, really, since Charlottesville.  We’re learning that  these weekend getaways need to be – as much as is possible –  a part of our marriage during this stage of family life.

What a unique wedding! (and I say “unique” in the most envious and wonderful of ways).  One phrase captures what I mean: Wedding Day Field Day.  All guests were invited to dress in their wackiest of costumes, to an open field on the island that morning, to compete in the familiar games of egg toss, 3-legged race, tug-of-war, etc.  I think my favorite game of all was where you sprint while yelling; when you run out of breath/stop yelling you have to physically stop (the person who ran the farthest wins!).  I was very much amazed at the shear talent (yes, talent) of some of those screamers (namely, Jonathan Sturtz, friend from college and husband to Charlotte Marie).  I also learned that I can play a pretty mean game of Simon Says.

I was TERRIBLE at the sack-race! You can see JGoff, JDean, me and Matt here, act'n a'fool (not sure who the guy in the front/ middle is, but he's clearly realllly good at sack-racing)

Jonathan and Ingrid (groom and bride) joining the group for stretches/yoga before the Field Day Events began

We shared a condo with good friends from Charlotte, Jessica Dean and Julie Goff.  I woke up to the sounds of Jessica’s mandolin, Julie’s fiddle, and Matt’s guitar, while I sipped my warm coffee (I want to go to there…right now).  Matt and I went for a 5 mile run on the beach.  And at the outdoor wedding, we watched the sun-set on the water, ate ourselves silly with grits and bbq and oysters, enjoyed good drink, caught-up with friends around a bondfire, and danced the night away on the dance-floor.  Besides the part where Matt caught a girls’ hair on fire with his sparkler, it was a hugely successful trip.  Congrats, Jonathan and Ingrid – and thanks for the killer weekend!

(I didn’t bring my camera, which explains why I don’t have personal pics from the weekend. But these perfectly capture the vibe!  Last 2 pictures from Ashley Gillett photography.)

Virginia is for Mudders


In mid-October, my mom and her friend, Anne (who also practically raised me from birth) came to town to watch Zoe Kate while Matt and I went to Charlottesville, VA for the weekend.  Ahhhhhhhhhh.  As I write about it now, it makes me want to go back, for so many reasons.  On the way up there, we visited Washington & Lee (where I went to school), which was heart-warming (panini #1 at Joyful Spirit, walking across the cobblestones of the Colonnade, actually running into people we knew…Lexington is a magical place).  Then we spent the weekend with Matt’s best friends from college and their spouses in C’ville (the crew came together from all parts of the contiguous…Boone, Fort Worth, Seattle, Savannah and Charlottesville) .  The purpose of this trip, you ask?  Matt and his friends were running a race called the Tough Mudder.

The Colonnade at Washington & Lee

Me, Matt, Nicole and Clint Rule, Blake and Kara Simonson, Russ and Katherine Edwards

Let me break this down for you.  Before training for this race, Matt despised exercise.  “I hate lifting heavy objects…why would I go to a gym and do that on purpose??” he would commonly say.  Or “I can’t breathe when I’m running; that’s stupid.”  I believe his friends were under a similar spell.  So, naturally, they decided to run a 10 mile mud race.  With 26 obstacles.  Designed by the Marines.  Up and down the black-diamond ski slopes of Wintergreen.  Soaking wet.  In 40 degree weather.  With mustaches.  (If you know any of these guys, that last part makes total sense).

I was so proud of him.  He and his friends were pretty diligent in their training, and they completed the course in 5 hours.  At the end of the race, I was amazed at their endurance and so thankful to be warm/dry.  After the race, they treated the wives by giving us massage appointments at a local spa that day.  Makes total sense that we would need the massages.  Wha?  So kind and thoughtful.

Yes, WAMP fans, they ARE wearing shirts that give a wink back to their times in their band. These shirts were made especially for this race.

This obstacle was towards the end of the course. Cruel.

Final Obstacle: Right after the guys got sprayed with a hose, they ran through a series of dangling live wires with low voltages. Our guys said it felt "tingly"...but, while we were waiting at the finish line, we ladies saw a couple of people get pretty beat-up from it. Yikes.

We were glad to see Buggy when we got home that Sunday.  And I think Mom and Anne were glad to see us, too!  It was a win-win-win situation, though.  Mom/Anne loved time with ZK – ZK loved time with them – we loved time away.  Win-win-win.  High-five, team.

Extended Birthday Fun


Since we celebrated Zoe Kate’s birthday earlier in September, by the time her actual birthday rolled around (Sept 29), we celebrated again!  You kind of have to.  It was her actual first birthday.

Image Image

Gagi and Pappaw (Matt’s mom and dad) gave her this ladybug birthday shirt to wear and her very own birthday plate she can use each year (I still eat from my very own birthday bowl Lesley made for my 23rd birthday…Matt says I need to repent of my birthday righteousness…I love birthdays.  Sorry I’m not sorry).  She ate pancakes for the first time (loved ‘em).  Since it was also student Meredith’s birthday, we had her and friend Mike over for dinner and cake.



Once we all had a slice of delicious cake, there was still so much cake left.  I remembered how large a whole cake is.  That’s a lot of food.

Also, I went to Charlotte to celebrate Julia’s birthday.  Yes, one of her birthday gifts was a vegetable.  Gotta respect a friend who’s giddy over vegetable gifts.  Love her.


New Year, New Leaf


ZK lifting weights in her jogging suit. Not self-discipline, but definitely cute.

Welcome to 2012, Painted Mountain!  Just like some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, I don’t think I believe in New Years Resolutions.  I haven’t made a resolution since my senior year in high school, when I gave-up chocolate for an entire year (which was mostly competitive in nature, as my friend Melissa and I had resolved the same denial a year earlier, only I caved in on January 6…so I did a repeat.  It was stupid.  I can say I did it, and it was probably a good lesson in self-discipline, but I’m sure I didn’t cut-back on other sweets, and I discovered that white chocolate isn’t chocolate at all, so there’s that loop-hole…).  You’re probably not interested in my other reasons why I don’t set New Years resolutions, BUT I’m not afraid of new goals for the new year (in my mind, there’s a difference…go with it).  Amongst one of my goals is to update Painted Mountain more regularly, even if it cuts into my night-time freedom.  Therefore, friends and family, allow me to catch you up on what happened in October, November, and December…