Extended Birthday Fun


Since we celebrated Zoe Kate’s birthday earlier in September, by the time her actual birthday rolled around (Sept 29), we celebrated again!  You kind of have to.  It was her actual first birthday.

Image Image

Gagi and Pappaw (Matt’s mom and dad) gave her this ladybug birthday shirt to wear and her very own birthday plate she can use each year (I still eat from my very own birthday bowl Lesley made for my 23rd birthday…Matt says I need to repent of my birthday righteousness…I love birthdays.  Sorry I’m not sorry).  She ate pancakes for the first time (loved ‘em).  Since it was also student Meredith’s birthday, we had her and friend Mike over for dinner and cake.



Once we all had a slice of delicious cake, there was still so much cake left.  I remembered how large a whole cake is.  That’s a lot of food.

Also, I went to Charlotte to celebrate Julia’s birthday.  Yes, one of her birthday gifts was a vegetable.  Gotta respect a friend who’s giddy over vegetable gifts.  Love her.



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  1. ZK is so stinkin’ CUTE! I love reading these updates!


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