New Year, New Leaf


ZK lifting weights in her jogging suit. Not self-discipline, but definitely cute.

Welcome to 2012, Painted Mountain!  Just like some people don’t believe in Santa Clause, I don’t think I believe in New Years Resolutions.  I haven’t made a resolution since my senior year in high school, when I gave-up chocolate for an entire year (which was mostly competitive in nature, as my friend Melissa and I had resolved the same denial a year earlier, only I caved in on January 6…so I did a repeat.  It was stupid.  I can say I did it, and it was probably a good lesson in self-discipline, but I’m sure I didn’t cut-back on other sweets, and I discovered that white chocolate isn’t chocolate at all, so there’s that loop-hole…).  You’re probably not interested in my other reasons why I don’t set New Years resolutions, BUT I’m not afraid of new goals for the new year (in my mind, there’s a difference…go with it).  Amongst one of my goals is to update Painted Mountain more regularly, even if it cuts into my night-time freedom.  Therefore, friends and family, allow me to catch you up on what happened in October, November, and December…


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