Kia-who? Kiawah!


Matt and I have the best parents.  Sarah and Tom (Matt’s parents) also came to town to give us another win-win-win weekend in mid-November.  Matt and I drove to Kiawah for one of my college friend, Ingrid’s, wedding.  It was a 6 hour drive, for which we were actually craving (we got the chance to ask the “who are you, again, spouse?” questions).  Matt and I hadn’t had focused time together, really, since Charlottesville.  We’re learning that  these weekend getaways need to be – as much as is possible –  a part of our marriage during this stage of family life.

What a unique wedding! (and I say “unique” in the most envious and wonderful of ways).  One phrase captures what I mean: Wedding Day Field Day.  All guests were invited to dress in their wackiest of costumes, to an open field on the island that morning, to compete in the familiar games of egg toss, 3-legged race, tug-of-war, etc.  I think my favorite game of all was where you sprint while yelling; when you run out of breath/stop yelling you have to physically stop (the person who ran the farthest wins!).  I was very much amazed at the shear talent (yes, talent) of some of those screamers (namely, Jonathan Sturtz, friend from college and husband to Charlotte Marie).  I also learned that I can play a pretty mean game of Simon Says.

I was TERRIBLE at the sack-race! You can see JGoff, JDean, me and Matt here, act'n a'fool (not sure who the guy in the front/ middle is, but he's clearly realllly good at sack-racing)

Jonathan and Ingrid (groom and bride) joining the group for stretches/yoga before the Field Day Events began

We shared a condo with good friends from Charlotte, Jessica Dean and Julie Goff.  I woke up to the sounds of Jessica’s mandolin, Julie’s fiddle, and Matt’s guitar, while I sipped my warm coffee (I want to go to there…right now).  Matt and I went for a 5 mile run on the beach.  And at the outdoor wedding, we watched the sun-set on the water, ate ourselves silly with grits and bbq and oysters, enjoyed good drink, caught-up with friends around a bondfire, and danced the night away on the dance-floor.  Besides the part where Matt caught a girls’ hair on fire with his sparkler, it was a hugely successful trip.  Congrats, Jonathan and Ingrid – and thanks for the killer weekend!

(I didn’t bring my camera, which explains why I don’t have personal pics from the weekend. But these perfectly capture the vibe!  Last 2 pictures from Ashley Gillett photography.)

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