Tender Tennessee (early) Christmas


Every December, Matt travels to Dallas, TX for job training with RUF.  He and 100 or so campus ministers gather for gospel teaching, job and heart training, and general fellowship.  From what I understand, it’s one of those weeks that gives these men a shot in the arm, full of the medicine of renewed vision, enduring patience, and rich joy.  As a wife I both love this week (for the obvious reasons) and hate it (life alone with a toddler in the thick of winter).  SO!  I decided to pack my bags and head south for the week!  I spent that week in the pampering hands of my parents in Memphis.  While Matt was in Dallas, he got to see his sister, Amy, and her family (husband Todd and our niece and nephew Lillie and Sam).  I was extremely jealous!  He then popped on over to Memphis to join us for the weekend.

Posing for the obligatory Drinkard Christmas card. My parents thought they were motivating me for marriage (I'm a southern female...like you need to do that, anyway) when they told me, "Once you get married, you don't have to pose each year." They lied.

Zoe Kate is receiving perhaps her first hug from a munchkin her size. Hopefully she learns that hugs are kind gestures...not wrestling moves, like she's thinking now.

Pops helping Dewey decorate the Christmas tree

My nephew is a natural. You don't know this, but the goal is 8 feet high. And he's dunking it. Effortlessly. I repeat: there is zero photography manipulation going on here.

Dapper Don

Dewey and Zoe Kate at the Christmas Cottage in Memphis, watching toy trains

Zoe Kate HATED the big bearded man. She most likely agrees with the SNL church lady, that it's far too coincidental that when the letters of his name are mixed around, it spells....Satan! I miss the church lady.

If you ever need a dance partner, Pege is your girl

The week in Memphis flew by!  I got to sleep in, visit with friends, go on a date with Matt, and spend some QT with my parents, Don, Helen and sweet Dewey.  Speaking of Don and Helen…Helen is going to give birth any day now to my next nephew!!  We can’t wait to meet you, Freddie!  Since Vanderbilt MIGHT not win the NCAA tournament, you will be the best consolation prize to my family.  Love you already!


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