First Haircut

When we were in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago, we took Zoe Kate to get her first haircut!  I thought about keeping a lock of her hair that they cut, but then I thought, “That seems creepy.  And what would I do with it?”  Did any of you ever experience the raw creepiness of finding the container where your parents stored the teeth you lost??  I know I’m not alone here.  I get it – I really do get it, Mom and Dad, and that was really sweet and sentimental of all you parents out there who’ve done this.  But where does it stop?  And why don’t we collect their cut fingernails?  When my mind trailed with this logic, I decided not to keep the lock of hair.  And then the sun rose the next morning, so it ends up it’s ok not to keep it.

When we first put ZK in the red plane, she seemed pretty happy about us taking her to a simulated-plane-flying store.  Until she realized the woman behind her had scissors.  How do more kids’ heads not get accidentally cut in this experience??  Karen the hairdresser has the patience of a saint.  Bless you, Karen.  At least I think your name was Karen.  No more mullet for this toddler.


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