Winter (if you can call it that)

I think most of us experienced a lovely mild winter.  This year, Boone has only received 14 inches of snow – compared to last years  60 inches.  I do not miss it.

We did have a couple of quality snow days, where Zoe Kate got to show off her snow suit.  Though her range of mobility was strictly limited, she didn’t complain.  But she didn’t really looove it either.  If she were communicating better, I think she would have said, “Eh.”

Then, probably a week later, we were outdoors enjoying the sunshine.  We’ve been getting outside as much as possible!  Zoe Kate loves to go to the Greenway for a stroll.  We usually take a ball with us, to enable her addiction to what she calls “bops”.  Whenever she starts to lose it emotionally, we can usually calm her down quickly with the toss of a bop.  We’ve come to love bops, too.

Speaking of bops, Zoe Kate’s vocabulary is growing each day!  It really is amazing.  You’ll say things, assume she’s not paying attention, and then hear it a couple of days later.  Confession: Elmo is also really pretty great at teaching Zoe Kate some new words.  Elmo is Zoe Kate’s first role model.  And I’m ok with that.  Other words she’s capturing…

kayeck (cracker)

behbeh (blueberry)

mah (banana…that’s a hard one)

dahyee (doggy and daddy)

Mamma (Mamma)

book (book)

payee (paci)

…and many more 🙂  


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