Happy Birthday to Zoe Kate!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Zoe Kate!  We celebrated Zoe Kate’s 2nd birthday on Sunday with all things “Dora the Explorer”.  We also kind of celebrated last week when my parents were in town.  And we’ll also kind of celebrate on her real birthday next week (September 29).  I’m fairly certain this is dangerous parenting.  I did catch her singing the birthday song to herself in the car and then asking for “chocolate treat” and then having a subsequent meltdown when I said “no ma’am”.  I guess we’re paying the consequences.  We just have a lot of birthday energy for her – can you blame us!?

Between the time when she woke-up from her nap on Sunday to the time when her first friend arrived, she was a hot mess.  “The decorations are set-up, the cupcakes are out, the balloons are floating…WHY CAN’T THE PARTY START NOW?!?!”

But her tears soon turned into squeals of absolute bliss.  You know how there are some people who understandably don’t enjoy being the center of attention?  Well, Zoe Kate isn’t one of those.  She was perfectly fine with the day being about her.  And when everyone sang the birthday song, you couldn’t find a bigger smile.

ZK’s friends Audrey, Sophie, Xander, Bryson and Elijah – about to go on a Dora-esque adventure

We love our dear friends who came to celebrate with us!  Bring it on, Terrible Two’s…we’re ready! (and frightened…mostly frightened).


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  1. Happy Birthday Zoe Kate!! What a cute party! I’m glad she had fun!


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