Sisterly Love

One of the many questions we had on the edge of meeting Reid was “How is Zoe Kate going to handle not being an only child anymore?”  She is one passionate little girl, so we prepared ourselves for the worst.  Oddly enough, she really loves him!  In fact, most of the time, Mommy and Daddy are in the way (because we discourage her by saying things like “when you hug him, please don’t lay on top of him” or “please don’t try to open his eyes with your fingers” or “burp him on his back, not his tummy”).  Whenever I go to get ZK from her nap, “Baby Reid” is the first thing she asks for.  Whenever he’s sleeping, she wants to wake him up.  Whenever I’m holding him, she wants to “pet” him on the head or kiss him.  It really is pretty adorable.

So, in honor of this sweet tenderness we see in Zoe Kate, we’d like to share some of the evidence.







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