Until flu and RSV season are over, Reid is being quarantined in the home (just as a precaution, so that his immune system can concentrate solely on continuing to heal his heart).  In case you didn’t do the math, that means that Zoe Kate and I are basically quarantined, as well.  It’s snowy-winter season these days, anyways, but sometimes I do feel like crawling the walls.

Zoe Kate is a very physical and social child (read: doesn’t do crafts well).  So being inside all day and mostly by herself, she’s been forced to find other hobbies.  So what do we do all day?  We read.  We play red-light, green-light.  We jump on the bed to “Call Me Maybe”.  We feed and burp Reid.  We play basketball.  We lay on the bed and watch videos (I’m not super-mom).  We cook.  And there’s a lot more discipline going on these days.  She’s doing really well to have such strict limitations, but she’s 2.  And she’s bored.  And she likes to disobey (don’t we all?).  I actually have some newfound confidence in parenting recently, learning that it’s true – that when I discipline well, my children will actually respect me more.  Somedays, however – if it’s Mom vs. Kids – they win.  My hope and prayer is that most days, we all win.


ZK and Matt went sledding in our backyard. She loved it!


Zoe Kate’s favorite book these days


One of ZK’s best friends these days

What does Reid do all day?  Sleep.  Grunt.  Lay around.  Eat, poop, and pee.  And generally, impress us all by his all-around cuteness.



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