Yoko and John Days

Winter here in Boone seems to go on and on and on and on.  When it’s snowy and chilly like this, Matt and I sometimes dream about having a “Yoko and John” kind of day.  Oftentimes, it’s the kids and I who have the “Yoko and John” kind of day (without the public media….or the relaxation, really).  So here are a few pictures of Zoe Kate and Reid snuggling in our bed.





In other winter news, we were in the ER with Reid this past week, due to a fever spike.  They ran all sorts of cruel tests on him (cruel, because they made him cry…a lot…poor guy, and his mom and dad didn’t like it much, either).  It was scary and terrible.  But today – 4 days later – he woke-up without a fever!  So now we know it was a virus running thru his body and not a complication with his heart.  Sheesh!  Child gonna bring me to my crazies.

Happy March, everyone!  Hoping warmer weather and less viruses are around the corner for all of us!


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