Battle of Spring Break 2013

Spring Break isn’t what it once was.  This past week, App State had their Spring Break, where students flocked to warmer climates or even simply to their home, to sleep, veg, and relax from their hard work this winter semester.  Matt took a group of 30 RUF students to Chicago for a mission trip.  I held down the fort with a sick newborn (read: not sleeping through the night yet) and a sick 2.5 year-old (read: emotions of a 13 year-old with the listening skills of a – well – 2 year-old) and a dying, diabetic dog (read: she went into ketoacidosis, so I needed to take her puking, peeing, unable to move 60 pound body to the animal hospital on Sunday night).  So, needless to say, Spring Break 2013 now has the memories of an epic battle – like Shiloh, or Saratoga.  If ever in the future, when people talk of Spring Break 2013 (or maybe even mention the once-happy-endorphin-making phrase “Spring Break”), I may need quick sedation, followed promptly with a maternal back-rub, accompanied with “it’s ok, it’s all over…it’ll be ok.”

I’m a little hyperbolic.  But only a little.  I have some good friends whose husbands travel MUCH more than Matt does.  I don’t know how you do it.  All of you single mothers or fathers out there, how DO you do it??  Granted, we were hit with some heavy grenades while Matt was gone (I’m keeping the battle theme going…it’s working for me).  But he’s home!!!!!!!  He’s HOOOOOMMMMMME!

Speaking of Matt, he said his group had a great time in Chicago.  It sounds like they got to do some construction work on a new church building, some tutoring at a school, and generally, had their eyes opened to what God’s kingdom looks like on the south side of Chicago.  He returned home with hope, joy, and humility as he saw God at work in a completely different setting than our own backyard.

Our RUF intern, Jen, working on the basement of the church

Our RUF intern, Jen, working on the basement of the church

During Matt’s trip, my parents were able to come in town to help out for 4 days (read: life savers).  A special highlight for them was getting to hold their grandson for the first time (they met him while he was in the hospital in Charlotte, with all of the wires and tubes in his body).  What a moment of redemption, as they physically held and saw Reid, so full of life.





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  1. Posted by Betsy on March 18, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    You survived!!! Love your cute intro about how spring break isn’t what it used to be. 🙂 Sweet pictures of the kids with your parents! And, yes, how redemptive that they finally got to hold Reid for the first time.


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