Jesus Died and Rose Again!

So focused

So focused

We had a great Easter!  Zoe Kate is starting to get into the festivities of holidays, which is really fun.  She and I dyed a dozen Easter Eggs one day.  We hid them around the house for her a few times.  It seems Thena also enjoyed hiding the eggs.  In her belly.  Gross, Thena.  Good thing ZK didn’t see Thena eating her precious eggs.  That might have been then end of that relationship.

About a week before Easter, we joined our friend Molly and Daniel (with their sweet kids, Sophie, Xander & Wade) for a chilly Easter Egg Hunt in Blowing Rock.  As you can see from the photos, the eggs were strategically hidden.

Yep, folks - that's snow on the was a chilly hunt

Yep, folks – that’s snow on the ground…it was a chilly hunt

We hyped-up the hunt for days before the event.  The effect?  Zoe Kate couldn’t sleep the night before.  It may have been the happiest I’ve ever seen her.  She now commonly asks if we can go on more Easter egg hunts.  She doesn’t even believe me that life gets even better than Easter egg hunts.
The world/tennis court, was her much opportunity just waiting to be seized!

So much opportunity on the horizon

Action pic

Action shot

Keeping warm with my snuggle bunny

Keeping warm with my snuggle bunny

ZK meets her first celebrity.  This is improvement since December, as she would only wave to "Big Santa".

ZK meets her first celebrity. This is improvement since December, as she would only wave to “Big Santa”.

Sophie and ZK celebrating their spoils together

Sophie & ZK enjoying their spoils

On Easter day, Molly and her kids and mother-in-law came over for dinner, which was so fun!  What a glorious truth, to celebrate the risen Christ – so it was even more fun to do it together!  We don’t do much pomp throughout the year, but we firmly believe that there are certain days that pomp is appropriate.  Easter is one of those.  Sometimes the resurrection seems too good to be true.




Wade, ZK, Xander & Sophie

We are hoping to teach Zoe Kate and Reid about more than eggs and bunnies when it comes to Easter.  In the good ol’ style of catechism language, we taught ZK the answer to “what is Easter about?”.  She learned and began to shout “Jesus died and rose again!”  Or sometimes she would gravitate towards the shorter answer “Jesus is alive!” with just as much electricity in her answer.  We know she doesn’t really understand the true joy of that phrase, but there’s something formative in seeing a little child shout that truth with glee in her eyes.  We hope you had a wonderful Easter, too!


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