Final Boone Days

Our final days in Boone were a whirlwind, due to finding our Knoxville home far sooner than anticipated.  We assumed that we would be moving in June or July, but when we found this awesome house in April, we had 3.5 weeks to wrap-up our life in Boone.  It was quick and crazy, and we were fairly certain something would fall thru.  But we actually really did move to Knoxville on May 8.


Our final days in Boone were bittersweet.  We hated leaving our students: we’ve spent so much time with them on campus or at our house over meals or watching TV or laughing or crying or praying or dressing-up Thena.  They have become like family to us.  We hated leaving our friends: I don’t know how I would have survived the long, winter months or insanity that is parenting without them reminding me of my identity in Christ.  They helped carry us thru our crisis with Reid, they still liked me when I got kid poop on their rug, and they gave me many things to laugh about.  We also hated leaving the mountains: no longer would we wake-up to the sounds of cows moo-ing across the street or the fog lifting over the crests off of our porch.  And there’s something uniquely special about the home to where you brought your kids back from the hospital after they’re born.  BUT.  We were also joyfully anticipating the city life of Knoxville ahead of us.  Bittersweet.

So here is a montage of pictures of our final days in Boone.  We miss you, little mountain town.











ZK and her best friends

ZK and her best friends


Betsy, Jenni and Molly...such dear friends

Betsy, Jenni and Molly…such dear friends


PS: Here’s a little video to show you how amazing our App State students are.  Many showed up to our house on our last day there to help us pack-up.  They surprised us by preparing the music and song-sheets and song…


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