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Master Reid

Reid is starting to come into his own, so I thought, “why not tell the world more about him!?”  His sister is quick to want/get attention (“Can someone talk to me?” she commonly asks), but Reid is beginning to ask that she share some of the spotlight with her.  Side-note: this sharing is super healthy for her.  It is also super hard for her.

But wait – I’m already getting side-tracked!  This post is about Reidy Beady! (his new nickname, that neither makes sense nor is it that cute…it just happened).  The pictures directly below are from June 16, when he turned 6 months old and graduated into eating solid foods.  The first week of eating solids was both hilarious and frustrating.  Anything we would feed him would immediately be rejected and spit all over the feeder.  I mean, this adorable and seemingly harmless baby would make cute little raspberries with his mouth and shoot bananas all over my face and shirt.  Funny and  severely obnoxious, right??  Don’t worry: he’s got the hang of it now.  I don’t think anyone who has seen him is worried about his food intake.



I don’t know if it’s because he had such a rough start in life or because he’s the second child or because he really is an easy baby and therefore makes our life easier in caring for him…but I have a hard time seeing him as anything but completely adorable.  Whenever we put him down to sleep, we hold him upright and sing to him, and he just flaps crazily in our arms.  But then he goes right to sleep when we put him down…amazing!  And then, when we go get him when he wakes-up, he’s flapping away again in his bed, greeting me with a big smile (flap = verb, to wiggle your whole body rhythmically, mimicking that of a merman).  I’ll tell you what, though – do not take a toy away from him while he’s playing with it.  Crank-fest 2013.



You can’t tell that he’s wearing short-alls. From this angle, it looks like a composite picture for the business website.

The boy loves some water!  Whether he’s taking his weekly bath (sometimes it’s every-other-week…as a hater of germs, this is actually a point of pride for me), he splashes voraciously.  And as you can see from the photo below, he’s totally chill in the pool.



If I had photo-shop, I would insert a BudLight into one of his hands. He just looks like he’s ready to unwind, don’t you think?

Just this past week, he has started to crawl.  He pushes off on his toes and uses his fingers and hands to pull.  You wouldn’t think he would get very far, but he can gain some distance with this unorthodox style.  I’m proud as a peacock to see him moving!  It’s one of those big events where you see you child wanting to do something so badly, so that when they get it, you just want to do toe-touches.

Here’s some other miscellaneous information on Reid:

Favorite sound to make = Bah bwah bwah bwah bwah bwah

Favorite food = not picky…yet

Favorite activity = flapping (see definition above) or grabbing.  No earrings on necklaces or hair down for me these days!

Least favorite activity = it’s a tie between intense hugs (more like choke holds) from sister and long-distance car-rides

Favorite comedian = Zoe Kate.  No one tickles his funny bone like his sister.