“I’m Starting to Turn 3!”

Zoe Kate turned 3 on September 29.  More than any other time in her life, she seems so grown-up these days.  We have actual conversations.  She’s expressing more complex emotions.  She’s constantly using her imagination.  I find myself truly enjoying her more often.  She’s so great.

We had some good friends over to celebrate her birthday.  Party hats, friends, balloons, cupcakes, dogs: these are a few of her favorite things.  Needless to say, she loved every minute of it and is still talking about it today.  As we were saying goodbye to our last guest in the front yard, we returned to the backyard to find ZK scavenging the yard for all of the half-eaten cupcakes.  The kid loves a cupcake.


One of ZK’s first friends here was Precious (the Stone’s dog). So, naturally, Precious was invited.


I have so many pics of ZK chasing these boys and/or the soccer ball.




It was a “bubble” themed party.



She went inside to go potty by herself and then emerged looking like this. No shame in her game.


I love her reaction when we’re all singing to her. I hope she always knows how delighted-in she is.



Opening presents was probably the most stressful part of the party. “Wait – who gave you that? WHO GAVE YOU THAT? Did you thank them? Hey – let’s let Zoe Kate open that one. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO GAVE HER THAT??”


Sweet birthday girl


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