The August Train

I remember at RUF training a few years ago, they compared the school year to a train that leaves the station in August at 100 mph.  The analogy is not all that original, but it’s accurate.  In August this year, we met many of our sweet UT-RUF students as the school year began.  Then Zoe Kate and Reid started school, too.  I don’t know if it’s because we’re new to Knoxville/UT/kid’s school or if it’s because we still have an infant (more or less), but August was indeed a splash of cold water in the face: shocking but also invigorating.  I do love a schedule!

Zoe Kate goes to school 2 days/week, while Reid goes once/week, from 9-1:30.  It’s d’lovely.  Love my kids.  Love love love them.  But I don’t feel guilty about enjoying a break from them.  And they love school.  Win-win.  I think the teachers think I’m kray-kray, though, because I’m constantly forgetting something and I rarely brush my hair before I drop them off.  I am an outward advertisement that parenting does not make you prettier, and I like to think I make other moms feel better about their scruff.


The obligatory first-day-of-school picture.

We hosted our church’s back-to-school cookout for the students.  200 of them.  But truly, the church hosted it (food, set-up, etc).  We just had it at our house.  I loved getting to meet so many of our UT students!  I don’t remember most of their names, yet, but doggonit, I’ll keep trying.  Thanks for your patience, students – we’re so glad to be here!


I can’t find our pics of the actual party, but I snapped these pics right before the students got there.


Matt teaching ZK how to be weird.


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