Thanksgiving & Christmas

We don’t usually travel for Thanksgiving, which was no different this year.  But I also have zero interest in making a huge meal for 2-3 people.  So we invited people over!  Then they couldn’t make it.  Then our friends, Marisa and John Stone rescued our family from a potential Mac & Cheese Thanksgiving-to-remember, and invited us over to their place.  So kind.  Plus, Zoe Kate is kind of obsessed with their dog, Precious, so she was thrilled, as well.

I stole the idea of having a “Thankful Tree” from a friend of mine.  For the 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, we would randomly ask Zoe Kate what she was thankful for, and we would write it on a piece of paper and hang it on the tree.  You can read some of the hallmark answers, like “Jesus” or “Friends” or “Treats,” but she was also thankful for “Lights” and “Doors” and “Walls.”  I get it…you look around the room and say the first thing that you see.  But, you see, when we pray each night before bed with her and ask her what she wants to thank God for, she usually says “light” and “doors” and “walls”.  Seriously, for about 215 days straight now, we’ve been thanking God for lights and doors and walls.  It’s a little odd.  I guess it’s good that she doesn’t take these things for granted??



After Thanksgiving, we got on the road (and into the air) to drive to Memphis and then fly to Dallas!  Pege & Pops and GaGi & PapPaw pulled out all of the stops for a fun and festive 10 days of Christmas.  Zoe Kate & Reid got quality time with their grandparents and aunt and uncles and cousins…and Matt and I got quality help!  It’s a beautiful thing when you can go to the bathroom by yourself.  We even got to go on a couple of free-babysitting dates.  In this stage of life, rest is a mighty precious thing.  If somebody asked me right now what my idea of fun is, I think I would say “sleep”.  I’m secure enough in myself to own that.

And while we were in Dallas, we celebrated a big landmark: Reid turned one!  For obvious reasons, the weather and the Christmas season were ever-present reminders of the really tough December we went through last year, with Reid’s birth and diagnosis and surgery and recovery.  Getting to celebrate his life through this season was so redemptive.  God has brought so much healing.

(I completely forgot to bring my camera to Dallas, which is why I’m missing pics from our time there…forgive me!)

Uncle Don with his youngest son, Freddy, and Reid.

Uncle Don with his youngest son, Freddy, and Reid.





Pege & Pops took Zoe Kate and Dewey to see their first play, Peter Pan. Squirmy little ZK sat still the entire time! meaning, she loved it 🙂



The best picture we could secure of the Drinkard grandchildren.


When we got back to Knoxville, we had a quiet and simple and wonderful Christmas here at our home.  There’s not a lot about Christmas I don’t love.  It was merry, indeed.


Christmas Eve…my favorite day of the year.














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